Next Competition 7

Monday 1 may 7pm at Vendôme
Friday 5 may 10pm at Flagey

Ce qui échappeCe qui échappe
Ely Chevillot
Fiction • 17′ • 2016 • Belgium


When Catherine comes to pick up her son Clément from swimming lessons, she is told that he has just molested a girl his own age. She’s very upset by this event, she needs to understand…

Das paket The ParcelDas Paket (The Parcel)
Wilke Weerman
Fiction • 17′ • 2016 • Germany


In a world where it seems to be normal to be alone, Simon gets a package for his supposedly dead neighbor. These supernatural objects should drive him insane. After the neighbors start stalking him, Simon realizes that there is a secret organization that wants to destroy his life.

Jasmine Elsen
Fiction • 5′ • 2016 • Belgium

Tragicomedy about antisocial roommates.

Les INCAPABLESLes Incapables
Roxanne Gaucherand
Fiction • 23′ • 2016 • Belgium


Gaspard must reach « Other Town » to win Agathe’s heart back. Lacking confidence, he asks his sister Constance to drive him there. She accepts on one condition…

the babysitterThe Babysitter

Frédéric Chalté
Fiction • 17’50” • 2016 • Canada

Nathalie, an 18 years old babysitter from Montréal, goes alone in the Ontarian countryside to look after a little girl. During the night, they go outside to rent a movie at the local video-club. The video clerk secretly gives them a mysterious tape along with their order. It’s when they finally come home to play the tape that a horrific and frightful night begins for The Babysitter…

The Alan DimensionThe Alan Dimension
Jac Clinch
Fiction • 8’46” • 2016 • United Kingdom


Alan Brown uses divine powers of precognition to foresee the fate of mankind… and breakfast. Meanwhile, Wendy has had enough of being married to ‘the next step in cognitive evolution”