Next Competition 2

Friday 28 april 8pm at Flagey
Wednesday 3 may 7pm at Mercelis


Louise Dendraën, Michiel Blanchart
Fiction • 13’13″ • 2016 • Belgium


Lulu sees his ex-boyfriend during  the The outgoing inventory of fixtures of their old apartment.

Gudenie Schmelya ( Buzzing of a bumblebee )Gudenie Schmelya ( Buzzing of a bumblebee )
Vladimir Beldian
Fiction • 28’55″ • 2015 • Russia


Once, an old woman in a nursing home made three wishes in case of her death: to eat pudding, to listen to a little chorus and… bumblebee buzzing outside the window. It will be difficult to arrange all this but she wants it so much…

Julia Jones
Fiction • 13′ • 2016 • United States


A girl learns the brutal sacrifices it takes to satisfy her love.

L'indigestion copyL’indigestion
Mathilde Remy
Animation • 6’12” • 2016 • Belgium


A family dinner is organized for the anniversary of the grandmother. This meal is an opportunity to see the anguish, the fears, the wickedness of this family.

paul est laPaul est là
Valentina Maurel
Fiction • 24′ • 2016 • Belgium


Paul is here. Like a step backward, like a ghost knocking at the door. Jeanne has to host him, let him settle in for a few days. But neither Jeanne nor him know why he’s here.

Tulivuori (Volcano)Tulivuori ( Yellowstone )
Lauri-Matti Parppei
Fiction • 9′ • 2016 • Finland


Last telephone call embodies their years together. A small film about a small but decisive moment.